June 7, 2011

I'm baaaack!!

I know it's been long overdue, but I finally took time to go around my house and photograph a few of our recent additions (although this post isn't about those...). I am hoping to have time later this week to write a few posts and get ahead of schedule. Again, I apologize if my blogging remains sporatic for a little while longer...

This weekend I had the chance to tag along with Eee and Bee Photography (my brother and sister-in-law's start up photography company!).  And who were we photographing? My brother-in-law and his future wife!!

Check out a quick glimpse of Eee and Bee's work here, while checking out my work below (sans photoshop -- as I have yet to learn how to use it!!)

A long time ago, I saw an engagement session (I forget who the photographer was...sorry!), and they used cute props.  So Saturday morning, I ran out to Michael's and grabbed these letters, ran home and painted them. They're my favorite shots!

Sorry, this one keeps loading blurry...it doesn't look blurry on my computer!

Look at Georgie's model face!!

I LOVE this one!! (although...maybe I should crop it....???) :)

Thanks Georgie and Eric for letting us follow you around the UofA campus for a few hours! (you can also check Georgie out at Maestro Musings, her blog about her new company Maestro Chronicles and Communications, and what they can offer!)

UPDATE: I found the inspiration photo with the "x" and "o" props that I loved so much! It was by my wedding photographer, Leah Rae Photography:

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  1. yay! you're back - i was starting to wonder when you'd be back :) nice shots!