June 20, 2011

Our Master Bedroom

Last week I mentioned that our bedroom had changed slightly since my previous pictures were posted. It's by no means "done" (will it ever be, as my style seems to change as I am inspired by new images everyday??), but here's what we have so far....

You can see how YELLOW those lamp shades actually look....(see here for before the base was painted, and here with the first color I tried...I thought this color pulled out more of the color in the canvas across from the bed)  I thought they looked yellow before, but the teal certainly brings it out even more!!
Ignore the mess of papers in the left corner...My hubby's not very good at putting his "pocket junk" in the garbage when he gets ready for bed...so I move the miscellaneous items from the nightstand into this old candle holder for him to go through later...."later" then turns into months and months turn into...you get my point... ;) Any suggestions on where to store it? It apparently contains lottery tickets & receipts that he may need in the future or to expense....

Our dresser is directly across from the end of the bed (yes, it's THAT small of a room...maybe 3ft between the end of the bed and the dresser....) And that the lily canvas I found at Homesense a few months ago, and pulled the smoky teal from it for the lamps....

I also recently saw this canvas at Homesense, and am wishing I had it instead of the lily painting...it even has my colors!! But I have nowhere to move the lily painting, and this is probably gone already...things move fast at Homesense!!
When I finally hung my baroque mirror above my make up desk, this full length mirror moved to the bedroom. I love having a place to see what your WHOLE outfit looks like! (do NOT get me started on that hideous ceiling fan...I love having the fan, but I HATE those glass flowers!!)

This mirror used to hang above our dresser, but has since moved the left of our bed, over the laundry basket/hamper.  My grandparents got it as a wedding gift when they got married...in 1955ish. If you look closely, you can see it has a few scratches in the silver.  They're basically unrepairable (it would cost more than the mirror is worth to fix them due to how they were made back then), but the beauty of the mirror itself overpowers the imperfections
 Obviously, in Blue Ribbon fashion, I couldn't have my pictures QUITE up-to-date now, could I? I've since purchased this 100% cotton (breathable!!!) "Cyrus" duvet cover from Bouclair Home

I've been searching for something VERY light (so the duvet can breath and let us not sweat to death in the summer, and still keep us warm in the winter!), clean lines, and that actually fits the duvet (my previous attempts, even though a "queen" size, were WAY too baggy and made the bed look sloppy and the duvet oversized for the mattress...). This one is the PERFECT size (no extra material! The duvet fits right inside it!).  The material itself is a little stiff, but for $49.99 it certainly fits all my needs!!  I still need some throw pillows, new lamp shades, and I'm working up the courage to start my stencil wall.

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