June 14, 2011

Stylish Blogger Award

I was so delighted to get an email from a very talented scrapbooker (and up-and-coming photographer!), as well as local Edmontonian, Miranda from a MIRiginal Life, nominating me for a Stylish Blogger Award.  I've seen this award throughout the blogging world, and was ecstatic to receive the award!!

Here is what I am to do with it now; a) thank the person whom I received the award from and link back to their blog (done!) and b) share 8 things about myself.  Well...here goes:

1) I design houses for a living.  Not the interior decorating, but the actual floor plans that make your house. And I love it.  I wish I had a little more flexibility and time to actually design some new houses, but right now, I'm simply moving a few walls and rooflines on some stock plan homes that we're building for quick possessions.  The first house I designed for my current company quickly became a Showhome, which soon became our best selling model (and still is to date -- almost 5 years later!), and won an award for best model in it's price range (at the time, $300-350K, excluding lot).  I have the original brochure framed in my office.

2) I would love to get into decorating. I'm having so much fun decorating our house as the renos slowly come to an end.  I just wish money was no object (doesn't everyone?).

3) I have a growing love for photography.  I've taken 2 classes through the Metro in Edmonton to learn some of the mechanics of my camera (and now need a few more lenses and a photoshop program!). And I recently tagged along with my brother's up-and-coming photography company, Eee and Bee Photography, for my brother-in-law's engagment shoot, and had a blast.

4) My hubby and I have been together for just over 10 years (and married for almost 2!).  We met when we were a mere 18 years old!!

5) Every year, our close group of friends get together for an annual golf tournament.  We call it the KYFC (Keep Your Friends Close) Golf Tournament.  Our third annual (4th maybe??) is coming up in July.  It started when a close friend of ours lost a family friend in a motorcycle accident.  He slipped out in the wee morning hours, without saying goodbye or giving the wife a kiss, to get some milk for the family, and didn't come home.  It hit our friend hard, and him and his wife didn't want us all to drift apart just because we didn't all live in the same city any more.  Now, every year, a different couple hosts the tournament, which is then followed by a BBQ.  It's meant to keep our friends close, and I hope it continues to!

6) I grew up in a very active household.  I was a competitive swimmer for a number of years and played fastball (aka softball) since I was 7.  I took a few years off after college, and a few years ago my hubby and I joined a slo-pitch team. I also took piano lessons for a few years (still don't like it though....guess it's just not for everyone!) and played basketball for a season or two as well.

7) My hubby and I purchased our first home after we got engaged, and we've been renovating ever since.  Ok, maybe not EVER since...but we've painted twice in the past two years (this time it's a keeper -- my hubby did NOT pick this color!!).  Our "major" renovations started almost one year ago, and they're ALMOST done....almost.

8) I've recently become addicted to reading blogs.  Anyone else out there have a blogosphere addiction? I think so.....you're here, aren't you? :)

In addition, I'm also supposed to pass along the joy and award to some other individuals with amazing blogs I love, and send them an email with the recognition.  So, in no particular order, may I introduce to you:

Court from Breaking Down the Big, Beige Box (She can decorate a small space like nobody's business! She's on to Apartment #13!)

Melissa from Hare Styling (love her party decor!)

Kate from Centsational Girl (always has great DIYs!)

Andrea from Ginger Flinch (she adds a nice touch of humour too! "a blog by a design poser")

Ashli from Maillardville Manor (I love her great organization!)

Michaela from Michaela Noelle Designs (she even gives hair tutorials!!!)

Nina from Stylizimo (how can you not love the all-white softness her blogs and pictures portray!)

And, last but not least, probably my new favorite, Natalie from Beach House in the City (what an AMAZING house!!)


  1. congrats on your award! you surely deserve it. will check the "new nominations" when i get a moment.

  2. Congratulations! Very fun blog! I look forward to keeping up!